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The Sixth Sense of the Maltese

SITUATIONS THAT YOUR MALTESE PERCEIVES BEFORE THEY HAPPEN : There are many occasions when our Maltese dog perceives some events or situations before they occur or before humans can become aware of them. But, although it sometimes seems so, the hairy is not clairvoyant. We tell you how your pet does to anticipate certain events.

How a Maltese dog perceives situations

Maltese Dogs

It happens that Maltese dogs have highly developed sense of smell and hearing. In addition, they have a great sense of direction and their biological clock works perfectly. Thus they manage to detect changes in the environment that surrounds them and, somehow, predict some events. For example.

Sense of the Maltese storms : Long before a storm breaks out, the furry warns that it is approaching due to the degree of humidity in the environment. Likewise, through its great hearing capacity, it can hear thunder at great distances.

Sense of the Maltese : earthquakes

Maltese Dogs

It seems that thanks again to their good hearing, the bichons detect earthquakes in advance. Although researchers do not fully agree on this issue, some argue that, in reality, the dog perceives the vibrations that occur in the earth through its paws.

When you go out or come home : It is known that dogs adore their owners and that, furthermore, they have all the time in the world to observe them. This seems to be the main reason that they know that we will leave the house even if we do it out of the routine. In the case of the return, the senses of hearing and smell come back to play.

Sense of the Maltese Death

Maltese Dogs

As well as the ability to detect some diseases – such as cancer and diabetes – dogs can also “smell” death. Actually, they have the ability to perceive -by means of smell- the chemical changes that are generated in a being when he is about to die.

The proximity of childbirth Just as the hairy warn before anyone else that their owner is pregnant, they will also perceive that the time to give birth is approaching, even when their owner does not register any sign in this regard.

Hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and epileptic seizures

Maltese Dogs

Certain breeds of dog have the ability to detect epileptic seizures through their sense of smell and good powers of observation. For this reason, they are trained to:

-Accompany those who suffer from this disease.
-Give the alert before the imminence of an attack.
-Ask for help if necessary.

  • In addition to this, they can warn diabetic patients when their blood sugar levels are outside normal levels (hypoglycemia and also hyperglycemia).

Your canine has the ability to perceive certain situations before they occur. If you pay due attention to it, you will surely avoid some topics taking you by surprise.

Maltese dog also perceives your moods

Maltese Dogs

Your Maltese dog also perceives your moods But, beyond anticipating some issues, our dear 4-legged friends have earned a good reputation for noticing our moods.

And it is that they know us inside out because, once again, they have enough time to observe us. That is why they know exactly if we are happy, frightened or afflicted by any issue.

In addition, they know how to accurately interpret our anatomical language. It’s what they can easily tell how we feel. And it is not news that a Maltese dog wants to comfort his owner when he notices that he is sad or distressed.

It is also common to perceive the phrase: “dogs smell fear.” And it is literally this way. When we are frightened, our body secretes pheromones that the animal easily smells.

Pay attention to your pet

Maltese Dogs

Unless the Maltese dog is specifically trained to warn about certain situations, it is not that it is going to detail what is about to happen or the issues it perceives and you have not yet warned (pregnancy, illness, etc.).

Depending on the case, you will notice changes in his behavior that, once the event occurs, you will be able to associate them with his previous attitude.

So pay close attention to your pet and you will avoid some issues taking you by surprise.



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