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The Maltese Bichon Winner Best Companion Dog

The best dog at the Fimascota dog shows was a Maltese bichon presented by the Italian breeder Franco Prosperi, whose name is Cinecitta’ian Somerhalder, born in 2013. The Maltese bichon is one of the breeds of companion dogs.

Second place went to a rough collie, Blue Jasmine de Jorbat Y’Anna, from the Portuguese breeders Batista, Molto and Saurin, while third place went to a Spanish water dog, CH Rayaragu Billabong, from the Cantabrian breeder Óscar Garcia.

Who is Amdece de Nava and how he become Winner Best Companion Dog

Maltese Dogs

A mastiff, CH Ron de Amdece de Nava, owned by Pablo de Celis Fernández from León, was designated as the best specimen of Spanish breeds. And the best puppy of all those presented was a pug named Los ñatos del norte P.S. I love you, bred by José Luis and Mercedes Santiago Pier.

During the weekend Fimascota has registered a huge influx of visitors, whose final figure is around 30,000 people, who have been able to learn about the diversity of canine and feline breeds, exotic species, dwarf rabbits that exist, such as labor of animal protection carried out by the different associations that have participated in the fair.

The Maltese Dog Becomes the best dog in whole Europe

Maltese Dogs

The national artistic poultry competition had the participation of sixteen breeders from León, Asturias, Valladolid, Segovia, Toledo, Cáceres, Salamanca, Palencia, Burgos, etc. who presented different breeds of chickens, pigeons and pheasants in Fimascota. The largest groups corresponded to black Castilian hens -one of the native breeds- and colored homing pigeons.

The best specimens in the exhibition were a shamo hen, a dwarf English fighting hen and in pigeons, a reduced shield messenger, from breeders in Valladolid and Segovia.

Shamo is a Japanese breed of imprecise origin characterized by a tail of large guide feathers, subtly drooping. They are birds of great size and stature, with the entire position of the body raised, long and muscular neck. The dwarf English fighter is identifiable by its upright carriage, broad shoulders, long neck and hocks, and nearly horizontal tail; the feathers are straight, short and hard.

The definition of a shield pigeon refers to completely soft specimens that only have color on the shield and the wing, with the primary shirts (9 or 10 first feathers) white.

Once again, the Maltese bichons demonstrate their quality and good work as a companion dog, not only because of their beauty in the whiteness of their hair, we all know that they are the most suitable for the elderly and children.

In the following video we can see Cineciitta in action


Maltese Bichon Doesn’t Separate From Old Man Victim of Earthquake in Italy

maltese bichon with old man in italy earthquake


After the earthquake that has hit the area of Amatrice (Italy), dogs play a decisive role both in the search for survivors and comforting the wounded. We all know the good hand that Maltese Dogs have with the elderly and small children and here we can see a very clear example of the power of this small dog breed.

Antonio Putini, 97 years old, was one of the lucky people who survived the earthquake that devastated Italy and left more than 250 dead.

Putini was recently photographed in a makeshift hospital in the company of a small Bichon Maltese dog, who does not stop comforting and emotionally supporting him.

The bichon is a therapy dog and does an invaluable job with people harmed in this type of catastrophe.

-“It’s the only thing I have here”, commented the moved old man.

The dog was taken by Violeta Bratu, a woman who is dedicated to volunteering and who is currently in Amatrice helping those affected by the earthquake. And she knew perfectly well that the Maltese Bichon could do his bit to comfort the survivors who have experienced in their flesh a horror that will not be easy to forget.

Bratu was 8 years old when she survived an earthquake that hit her native Romania, killing nearly two thousand people. Now the woman returns the favor that was done to her when she experienced exactly the same situation.

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