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Food and nutrition of the maltese bichon

The feeding and food of our Bichon Maltese dog is a great responsibility since from an early age you have to be very aware of what they eat or stop eating. With the proteins, fats and carbohydrates together with the different vitamins, it must be the diet for our Maltese, the feed is the most recommended food since we all know the large number of types of feed that exist and that contain the right food for each stage of the dog’s life.


It is much better to trust the best brands of feed for the Maltese Bichon since the proportions in energy content and vitamin supplements have a very important control for the perfect growth and strength, both physical and in white hair, since we want it to look the most nice possible.

The meat of both chicken and beef is very important in the diet of the Maltese along with the proteins and raw fats. Look closely in the feed packages for the proportions of said supplements in the case of meat 30% and in the case of proteins and raw fat should be 18%.

Regarding the purchase of said food products for the Maltese Bichon, it is preferable to go to a center or store specialized in pets since the feed that is sold in supermarkets does not have the same quality as what we can find in pet stores.

careWashing and care of the maltese bichon


Maltese Dogs

The Bichon Maltese dog breed, due to its way of being and its physical appearance, will always keep us very aware of it and its care.

The ears are a point of the dog in which special emphasis must be placed, they must be observed every week because of the large amount of hair they contain. It is also advisable to check the hearing device or ear at the veterinary center since they are very sensitive to clogging due to wax accumulation or continuous exposure to water. Cotton balls are highly recommended for cleaning and care along with hydrogen peroxide.

You have to trim the nails and keep a control without cutting sensitive tissue, long nails are not highly recommended as they would have negative effects on the behavior and way of moving of the Maltese Bichon. It is good to accustom them from small to cutting their nails.

Some Tips how to take care about your Maltese Dog

When taking care of the hair, you must be aware of the knots that may occur in the Maltese’s hair, in these cases it is best to caress the hair with your fingers and always have a brush to monitor it.

When it comes to bathing day, first you have to remove the dead hair that the Maltese has with the brush and check well that there are no knots formed before wetting it.

You have to be careful when washing it with the anal part and the legs, very sensitive areas in the dog and the facial part, use a wet wipe for cleaning. Shampoo and then conditioner without forgetting the review in the ears with the damp cotton balls.

Features Bichon maltese hair characteristics

Maltese Dogs

The Bichon Maltese dog breed are good companion animals, always very clean, although their white color means that you have to be very aware of the dog and it is advisable to wash it in a time interval of 15 days or so.

They are very tender, affectionate and intelligent, and we will always have the perception of having a puppy due to the small size they get as they grow up. Very protective of their own and the house, not bothering much since they are not very barking and not very active or nervous.

They are perfect for houses with children or adolescents since they will be a very faithful and understanding dog that will surely make very good company in the growth of the little ones in the home. Due to its size, it does not require much exercise and it is advisable to take it out for a walk in the morning or at sunset.

Another characteristic is that they are very sleepy and a little lazy, any time is good for these dogs to take a good nap, sometimes it seems that you have a stuffed animal in your hands.


Maltese Dogs

Their life time is approximately 12 to 15 years and they do not usually have many diseases throughout their lives.

The Bichon Maltese is also highly recommended for the elderly because of the quality of company they offer their owners and their little requirement for physical activity.

Obedience is also noteworthy, as long as it is taught well and as children, this breed will be a very faithful dog and will never have problems with children as long as they respect it.

They usually weigh between 1.8kg and 4kg, with the maximum weight in female adults being 3kg and 4kg in male adults. Its height is usually around 20cm.

They have beautiful, very long ivory white fur that can perfectly reach the ground. It has to be straight hair since curly is considered not perfect. The ears are long, drooping and hairy like its tail, straight and short legs.

It is necessary to pamper his diet, totally proportional to the exercise that the dog does during the day, it is advisable to give him feed and never chocolate (deadly), this together with the work of a good canine groomer will have a copy of the Bichon Maltese perfect for the whole family and home.

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