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How we can motivate our Maltese Bichons

We all need motivation. I need motivation to get up in the morning, motivation to clean the house, write or answer work emails, motivation to exercise and so on.

In fact, motivation is an absolute requirement for survival. Without it, we would do nothing at all. IN THE ARTICLE WE WILL SEE HOW TO MOTIVATE YOUR BICHON MALTESE.

Maltese dogs need motivation

Maltese dogs

They need motivation to come when called, motivation to lie down when told, to wait for their food, or to sit quietly to have a lead hooked.

If they are often and effectively motivated to respond to our cues, those responses eventually become a habit, and that is what dog training truly is. Build a habit in your pup, of responding in a particular way, to a particular signal.

Old methods to motivate dogs

Maltese dogs

In times past we used to motivate dogs with fear. Fear of being reprimanded, yelled at, masturbated, stared at, grabbed, or shaken. Even the fear of being hit. In other words, we motivate dogs to avoid being mean.

Modern methods to motivate Maltese dogs

Currently, trainers tend to use motivators that dogs want, rather than the motivators they fear.

We motivate Maltese puppies to behave in ways that we approve of, rather than motivating them to avoid behaving in ways that we disapprove of. There are good reasons for this shift in focus. But it means we have to think hard about great ways to motivate our pets.

love as motivator

People who are new to dog training often expect love or appreciation to be a motivation for their pup. They expect their dog to obey them or listen because he loves them.

Unfortunately, affection is not a powerful enough motivator to cause significant behavioral changes in our Maltese dogs. And while a puppy’s need to ‘grow up’ can be helpful, love or appreciation is clearly not something you should rely on when trying to train him.

Respect as a motivator

Maltese dogs

People who don’t want to use food in dog training often expect “respect” to motivate their Maltese dogs. They may even believe that their dog is motivated by respect. But when the trainer’s methods are studied closely, “respect” turns out to be fear. Although probably in a mild form. The dog is motivated by fear of disapproval from the handler, or by the expectation of some kind of correction.

What motivates our Maltese puppies?

It is interesting to consider what motivates us and what motivates our pets. Well, understanding motivation helps us train ourselves and our animals. Powerful motivators make great training tools, and such motivators are things we are going to work very hard to achieve.

Understanding how dogs learn will help you train your puppy. We look for 3 ways to change the behavior of your canine. Have you ever been embarrassed by your disobedient Maltese? Do you want it to behave better? This is your chance to mend things.

For this reason, food is a powerful motivator for a hungry canine, which is why food is such a useful tool in training Maltese dogs.

Other motivators are usually related to the latter.

Not long ago, dogs had to hunt in order to eat, and therefore hunting, or hunting-related behaviors like chasing and holding onto moving objects, is highly motivating for many dogs.

How to motivate your bichon in training

The motivators are important because if we can supervise them, specifically if we can allow the dog to access them in a controlled way, then we can control the behavior of the happy Maltese.
Therefore, it is important to use and choose motivators wisely. They need to be things that we can easily control and access.

select motivators

Maltese dogs

Your toy maltese may want to swim, and access to water can be a powerful motivator for him. But unless you have a pool in your yard it’s probably not going to be a consistently useful training tool.

Food is a great motivator when using it in dog training, as it is highly valued by the dog, always accessible, consumed quickly, and highly portable.

Dogs that are not motivated by food : Some people think that their puppy is not motivated by food. Sometimes This is because the dog is overweight, or is overfed on that particular occasion. Most of the time it is due to the fact that he is overexcited.

This is also due to the price of the Maltese, we all know how much good food can cost for this breed of dog. This can be overcome by lowering the emotion level of the dog in the presence of the motivating contenders – we’ll look at that in a moment.

What are contending motivators?

Maltese dogs

A competitive motivator, it is something the Maltese dog wants more than what you are offering. A squirrel to chase, for example, another dog to play with, or a ball to run after.

Toys and games

Toys and games can be great motivators, although access to them tends to take more time than food.
It takes more time to play a game of tug, for example, than to swallow a piece of chicken.
A great way to use a toy as a motivator, is to make access to that toy very unique, find something your canine is particularly interested in, and ration access to it. Use it as a unique reward. And never leave it lying around so that your dog has the chance to get bored with it.

Motivation in training the Maltese puppy: Toys are not necessarily the best motivators for the early stages of training where we need a young dog or puppy to complete many repetitions quickly in order to establish a new behavior.
Food is a brilliant motivator for puppy training as it can be gobbled up and swallowed so quickly.

Different motivators for old Maltese dogs

Later in the training, although you can take advantage of all kinds of occasions to motivate your dog and reinforce his behavior, including

  • Access to other dogs
  • access to people
  • scent access
  • Access to free performance

The key to motivating your puppy : The secret to motivating a dog is to use powerful rewards that can be delivered quickly and easily, and to supervise the contenders until the dog is able to ignore them. This means training the dog further away from the competing motivator, or else reducing the power of the competing motivator to begin with.

We can make a friend with a gentle canine sit near where we are training, for example, instead of waiting for our pup to obey while another canine runs around. As the canine improves its concentration and focus, its ability to resist competitive motivators will also improve.

Using motivators also means controlling when and where he achieves them. In other words, deny the canid access to them unless he does what we want, and let him access them when he complies. This is not always easy, but it has to be done.

Recognizing that it is your responsibility, and yours alone, to control your canine’s access to motivating activities, such as running, swimming, playing, and eating, is a big part of successful dog training.

Find out what motivates your Maltese

Maltese are a highly social breed that loves to be around people and other animals. They are always happy and playful, and love to play fetch and tug-of-war. They are also very intelligent and easy to train.

Maltese are a good choice for people who work long hours, because they are happy to just hang out and snooze the day away. They also don’t require a lot of exercise, making them a good choice for people who live in apartments.

The one thing to keep in mind with Maltese is that they are prone to dental problems, so you’ll need to brush their teeth regularly.

Maltese dogs

Certain things are great motivators for most dogs. But each canid is different. And what motivates your dog is not necessarily the same as what motivates mine. The bottom line is to make sure you don’t try to pick your dog’s motivators. Due to the fact that people are notoriously bad at getting it right. All you have to do is observe, recognize and remember.

Watch your Maltese puppy and see what he really enjoys.

Recognize that you might prefer the tugboat over a hug or food over a stroke.
Remember what motivates your little pup and be sure to use that knowledge in your future training sessions.

Resume How we can motivate our Maltese Bichons

-Remember, you would not consider working your entire life for loa alone. You need more motivation than that and so does your Maltese.

  • It is not fair and reasonable, it is essential.
  • Without it, the training process is doomed to fail, and you’ll be stuck in the dark ages, trying to get your pup to ‘respect’ you.

-Do it right, find out what motivates your Maltese dog, then control his access and you will be well on your way to success as a gentle, forgiving and effective trainer for your best friend.


Motivating your Maltese Bichon is about understanding their unique traits and creating an environment that encourages their natural behaviors. By incorporating positive reinforcement, engaging activities, social interactions, and regular exercise, you’ll have a motivated and joyful furry friend by your side, ready to share a wag and a smile.



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