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How to train the Maltese not to jump on people

Is your Maltese puppy naughty and jumps on everyone he sees? Having a Maltese pup start jumping at anyone who comes near is not only annoying, but can be dangerous, running over or injuring someone.

And it’s actually not difficult to teach Maltese dogs not to jump in terms of the methods used, no harsh dislikes or tools needed. What is difficult is the patience and perseverance that this entails on the part of all the humans involved.

Training for the jumps of the maltese dog

When it comes to training, there are a couple of steps you can use to teach your pup to keep “all four legs on the ground.”

↠1. Teach contradictory behavior. If your Maltese learns that he has to sit to get attention, then he can’t jump from one jump to another, as it’s not physically possible for him to do both at the same time. Or, you could teach our little pup to go to his mat when people come through your front door. Whatever behavior you decide on, ROLL WITH IT!! It is easier for your Maltese dog if the rules are always the same.

↠2. ignore them. Your Maltese is climbing on people because he wants something – attention, food, time to play, to smell them, etc. Whatever the reason, the best way to stop them is to IGNORE THEM.

You’ll have more success if you don’t let your Maltese jump over anything he wants—including things like a toy.

So… when your Maltese dog jumps

Maltese dogs

look away from them turn your back Fold the arms (so as not to inadvertently stroke them) Stay quiet. Remember, even telling your dog no, stop, etc. is still attention to him!

As soon as your Maltese stops jumping, give him what he wants. Wait until all four paws are on the ground for a few seconds, then reward him with whatever he wants. If he is going to teach a behavior, wait until he does that behavior before giving what he wanted. For example, if he wants you to sit for attention, wait until your pup stops jumping and sits down, then give him lots of praise and cookies.

If my Maltese puppies sit politely while I eat, they get a treat. IF MY DOGS STAND ON IT WHILE I EAT, THEY GET A TREAT.

  1. Everyone must be on board. This is the hardest part. Every person who comes into contact with your dog has to follow these rules (even strangers on the street). Otherwise, the behavior ends up on a variable reinforcement schedule (in other words, your dog is rewarded when he jumps on people sometimes and sometimes he doesn’t). This will make the behavior stronger.

Jump in at the right time

Maltese dogs

If you want your Maltese to be able to jump once in a while, but not others, then you need to time it well. This will teach your pet stimulus control – so it only does the behavior when asked. My dog knows that when I pat my legs, for example, it’s okay for me to stand up and get attention.

If he has a toy puppy, there may be times when it’s okay for him to jump. For example, if he has a bad back you may be okay with him reaching up for treatment. So your best bet is to put him on the cue, if you have a bit of a dog, there may be times when it’s okay for him to jump.

management management with our lovely puppy

Step 3 above probably makes you sweat. It is not possible to control everyone your Maltese comes into contact with. If you can’t reason with people, then you will need to manage the situation so that your dog doesn’t have the opportunity to practice the bad behavior and, even worse, possibly get rewarded for the bad behavior.

Here are some ways to control your pup’s behavior while he’s learning manners, or in a situation where he thinks people won’t play by his rules.

control your pup’s behavior

Maltese Dogs

↱ 1. Block off the entrance area. At home, install baby gates, lock doors, or put your Maltese dog in a crate when people come over so they don’t rush to open the door and knock them over as soon as you open it. This gives you time to explain the new rules, get everyone settled in, and make sure your Maltese isn’t going to engage in any bad behavior.

↱ 2. A leash on your Maltese dog. If you know his friends can’t follow the rules, your dog may not get to say hello to them while he’s training. If you have to greet your dog, you can keep a leash on your dog, so he can’t physically jump on them. This also works great on walks when you meet friends and strangers along the way.



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