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Essential Oils for Maltese Dogs

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR MALTESE PUPPIES Just as aromatherapy can benefit humans both physically and psychologically, it can also benefit Maltese puppies. It’s important to remember that essential oil blends and aromatherapy that humans can handle and enjoy may not elicit the same reaction from our Maltese puppies. In truth, some oils can be extremely dangerous.

Dr. Richard Palmquist has this to say about essential oils and his dog: The oils have been shown to have many possible desirable effects such as reducing anxiety and inflammation, fighting oxidative processes, fighting toxins, and fighting infection through inhibition of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

What Essential Oils Are Safe For Small Dogs?

Are you wondering if it’s safe to use essential oils around your small dog? Well, you’re in luck! We’re going to go over which essential oils are safe for small dogs, and how to use them safely.

First, let’s talk about what essential oils are. Essential oils are natural oils that are extracted from plants. They have a variety of uses, including aromatherapy, beauty, and cleaning. Many people use essential oils around their pets, but it’s important to use caution when doing so. Some oils can be harmful to pets, so it’s important to know which oils are safe for your specific pet.

The essential oils that are safe for small dogs are:

  • -Basil
  • -Bergamot
  • -Cedarwood
  • -Clary Sage
  • -Frankincense
  • -Geranium
  • -Ginger
  • -Lemon
  • -Lime
  • -Mandarin
  • -Marjoram

Essential oils are a popular choice for pet owners looking for an all-natural way to treat their animals. However, not all essential oils are safe for small dogs. In fact, some can be harmful. Here are a few essential oils that are safe for small dogs:

Lavender oil- Lavender oil is a natural relaxant and can be used to calm anxious dogs. It also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Peppermint oil- Peppermint oil is a natural analgesic and can be used to relieve pain. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Rosemary oil- Rosemary oil is a natural stimulant and can be used to improve energy levels in tired dogs. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Can I Put Any Essential Oils On My Dog?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! You can put any essential oils on your dog, but you do need to use caution. When you are using essential oils on your dog, you need to make sure that you are using a diluted oil. You should never use an essential oil that is not diluted on your dog.

When you are using essential oils on your dog, you need to make sure that you are using a diluted oil. You should never use an essential oil that is not diluted on your dog.

One of the best ways to dilute an essential oil is to mix it with a carrier oil. Carrier oils can be found at most health food stores. Some of the best carrier oils to use on your dog include:

  1. -Jojoba oil
  2. -Sweet almond oil
  3. -Grapeseed oil
  4. -Hemp oil

When you are using a diluted essential oil on your dog, you should start by using a very small amount. A couple of drops should be enough. You can then increase the amount as needed. If your dog does not seem to like the essential oil, you can stop using it.

Is It Ok To Diffuse Essential Oils Around Dogs?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of essential oils around pets. Some people swear by their benefits, while others believe that they can be harmful to animals. So, is it ok to diffuse essential oils around dogs? The answer to this question is a little complicated. Essential oils are potent and can be harmful if used incorrectly. Some oils, like peppermint and citrus oils, can be toxic to dogs if ingested in large amounts.

That being said, if used correctly, essential oils can be a great way to improve your pet’s health. Many oils, like lavender and rosemary, have been shown to be beneficial for dogs. They can help to improve skin health, reduce stress, and even improve cognitive function. If you’re thinking about using essential oils around your dog, it’s important to do your research first. Not all oils are safe for dogs, and it’s important to use oils that are specifically meant for pets. You should also Expand on the title

avoid giving your dog essential oils orally, as this can be dangerous. Here are a few oils that are safe for dogs and can be used topically or diffused around them: Lavender oil is a great choice for dogs, as it’s known to be calming and can help relieve anxiety. It’s also a great choice for skin issues, as it can help soothe inflammation and itching.

Peppermint oil is another great choice for dogs, as it can help relieve digestive issues, motion sickness, and fatigue. It’s also a good choice for seasonal allergies, as it can help clear congestion. Eucalyptus oil is a good choice for dogs with respiratory issues, as it can help clear congestion and help them breathe easier. Frankincense oil is a good choice for dogs with skin issues, as it can help soothe inflammation and itching. It’s also a good choice for older dogs, as it can help promote cellular regeneration.

Natural products are important advances

Maltese Dogs

The scents of the oil can also be used to affect mental states and memory. Modern clinicians are looking for agents that help in the management of resistant infections and cancer, and these natural products may hold the key to several important advances.”

Essential oils contain a large number of powerful and biologically active compounds. Used appropriately, they are an indispensable part of integrative healthcare.

However, they can cause undesirable and even dangerous side effects, and people using oils medically should seek specialized training.

Essential oil

Maltese Dogs

Plants make oils for many reasons. Plants cannot move and escape predators and infectious threats, thus generating compounds that neutralize or repel pests and pathogens.

Essential oils are absorbed by inhalation, ingestion, and skin contact. They quickly enter the body and the bloodstream and are distributed to multiple tissues.

As with all compounds, some chemicals have a biological affinity for specific tissues, and clinicians – or those knowledgeable in the use of oil – can use this property to choose oils that will target specific tissues.

The compounds present in essential oils are potent.

Tiny amounts of these substances can have powerful biological effects on every system in the body. For example, lavender oil has powerful effects on the brain and creates a calming sensation. Small amounts of lavender oil can be used when traveling to calm pets or make them drowsy.

Certain Safe Oils to Consider

Maltese dogs

Veterinarians are experts in the diagnosis of animal diseases and should always be consulted, especially in situations where symptoms are severe or persist.

↳ Always tell your vet what natural products your Maltese is using and involve him in these decisions.

The following oils can be used in first aid and are safe for short-term use:

⇀Lavender: Universal oil, you can use it pure or diluted. Useful in conditioning patients to a safe space. It can help allergies, burns, ulcers, insomnia, car ride anxiety, and motion sickness to name a few.

⇀Cardamom: Diuretic, antibacterial, normalizes hunger, colic, cough, heartburn and nausea.

⇀Fennel: helps the adrenal cortex, helps break down toxins and fluids in the tissues. Balances the pituitary, thyroid and pineal glands.

⇀Helicrysum: Antibacterial, reduces bleeding in accidents, regenerates the skin, helps repair nerves. It is also useful in heart diseases.

⇀Incense: It has helped some cases of cancer. March in the immune system. He has reduced tumors and external ulcers. Increases blood supply to the brain (although it can make high blood pressure worse, so be careful).

⇀Green mint: Helps reduce weight. Good for colic, diarrhea, nausea. Helps balance metabolism, stimulates the gallbladder. When diluted and used on a short-term basis, this oil is helpful for many gastrointestinal problems in cats.
(Here are some recommended essential oils for treating anxiety, stress, domineering behavior, and more…)

↣ Precautions
Although the oils are helpful in healing and affect mental health, they are powerful and can cause a wide variety of adverse effects. Safe employment principles are recommended.

The biggest problem with essential oils is that they can contain contaminants or adulterants that lead to more serious problems. For this reason, one should only use therapeutic grade oils from reputable companies and test the quality of the oils before using them. Animals have sensitive senses of smell, so in most cases and It’s best to use oils that are thinner and always provide an escape route.

If a pet doesn’t like oil, don’t force the use of it

Maltese Dogs

Cats are at unique risk of reactions to the oil, and in most cases we use very little oil on cats. One drop of essential oil diluted in fifty drops of a pure diluted oil such as grapeseed oil is usually sufficient. Since animals metabolize and react differently to essential oils, it is essential to know the specific differences of each species before using the oils.

One of the drawbacks we see in our clinic is that people overuse oils. A person discovers essential oils and begins to diffuse them in their homes, causing an unintentional overdose for their pets. Lavender oil is really useful, but it does not contain antioxidant compounds and therefore can oxidize as it is stored. These oxidized alcohols can aggravate patients and provoke the development of allergic reactions.

Certain essential oils can cause liver and kidney toxicity in sensitive species. Cats use a different system in their liver to detoxify and are particularly sensitive to essential oils that contain polyphenolic compounds.

These are so-called “warm” oils such as cinnamon, oregano, cloves, wintergreen, thyme, and birch, oils that should be avoided in cats. Cats should not be given melaleuca (tea) oil – it can also be toxic to Maltese dogs. Never put essential oils in the ear canal, as they can damage a cat’s delicate eardrums and nerves.

Care is also required around the eyes. Always wash your hands after handling the oils to avoid accidentally getting them in your eyes. To reduce the chances of organ toxicity and sensitivity, we generally use an oil for no more than two weeks and then give it a rest period.

Under certain circumstances – such as in the treatment of cancer – we will use the oils for longer periods, but this is one thing best left to those trained in the use of oils.”


Essential oils can be used in a safe and beneficial manner for Maltese puppies, as they have potential desirable effects such as reducing anxiety, inflammation, fighting toxins, and inhibiting bacteria, fungi, and viruses. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and use them in the right way to ensure the safety and well-being of the puppies.

Remember, every dog is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Always prioritize the well-being and safety of your Maltese puppy, and when in doubt, consult a veterinarian for guidance.



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