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EDUCATION Maltese dog Teaching him to supervise his biting

It is very normal for a Maltese puppy to test his new teeth with everything in his path. To satisfy his urge to chew things, it is ideal to buy him toys and chewing devices, made especially for puppies. You can find some in our section of specific products for Bichon Maltese. Apart from controlling their bites, providing them with fun and entertainment, these products help to maintain proper oral hygiene.

In case you “catch” your Maltese puppy biting something other than his toys, act by telling him: NO! NOT! While you remove the object that is biting. On the other hand, when he is biting one of his toys, you can caress him or even give him a treat to strengthen his positive behavior.

Prevent him from crying when left alone

Maltese Dogs

When you are not at home they will know it, and so will your neighbors… For this reason it is essential that they learn to be alone. To tackle this problem we will act as follows:

When you’re home, walk out the door. Wait on the other side of the door for the puppy to start crying. When she starts he walks in telling her NO! NOT! And show yourself disgusted, don’t pet him! In this way repeatedly. Little by little he will realize that what he is doing is not right and he will stop doing it.

Prevent him from jumping on people

Maltese dogs

Maltese on the couch, it is very common for Maltese puppies to greet by jumping on people. This behavior must be eliminated completely. For this when he jumps on us, we must grab him and separate him while we say: NO!

Avoid getting on the sofa, bed, etc It is also common for them to want to get on sofas, beds, etc. In those situations, which we must avoid from the first days (even if it is very difficult), we must pick it up and place it on the ground in unison that we affirm NO! When I do.

Rules of conduct outside the home:

Learning to go out on a leash: very friendly to all.

Maltese bichon learning to use a leash We will begin to put our Maltese puppy on his collar for periods of hours at home. For three days, the first half an hour, the second one hour, the third two. The fourth will be the time to take him out for his first walk on a leash. Possibly on the street try to let go or go in the opposite direction. You must keep the leash short and continue to walk with him attached to you, even if he pulls.

Respond to the order: Here!

Take him out tied with a long rope, one of those extendable at least 4 meters. When he is far away, sniffing or browsing around, yell at him: Toby (his name), Here! If he comes, reinforce him by giving him one of his sweets. Repeat that several times, letting him go and when he is clueless you repeat the call and the treat. Little by little he will come to you every time you call him.

Important: Never scold him when he gets close to you, even if he has done something wrong before.

Respond to the command: Sit! (sit down)

Maltese Dogs

Position the Maltese puppy in front of you on its tight leash. Say: Sit! As you lean in and press down on his hip with your free hand until he sits down. If he tries to lie down, get him up and repeat the order. When he does it well, reinforce him with a sweet. You will see how by doing it several times you will no longer need to press his hip to make him sit, little by little he will do it only when he hears Sit!

Respond to the order: Down! (lie down)

Maltese dogs

When your Maltese puppy learns to sit (preceding step), it will be time to teach him to lie down. To do this we will place, in the same way as in the previous step, the puppy tied by the leash in front of us. At that moment we will say: Down! As we press his shoulders to the ground. We can also help him by stretching his legs forward. When he is lying on the ground we will reinforce him with a candy. We are going to repeat the step until we can get him to do it without pressing his shoulders, simply by listening: Down!

In order for him to get up, tell him Arriba! While you advance one or 2 steps. When he gets up, we strengthen him with sweets or caresses.

If you follow this series of tips and recommendations for training and education from the first weeks that your Bichon Maltese puppy arrives home, you have a great chance of, over the years, having an educated, sociable and adult Bichon Maltese.

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