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Avoid SMALL DOG SYNDROME in the Maltese


Maltese Dogs

The problems can be manifested by an excess of pampering, which makes the dog convinced that he is the head of the pack, that is, of the family of humans with whom he lives. If this happens, the dog begins to exhibit some aggression when he feels challenged in the role of his boss.

→The docility of the Maltese dogs is at risk with overprotection and excessive pampering, beyond the fact that they belong to the most charming and sociable ethnic groups there are, their good character also requires their care so as not to fall into aggressive reactions.

→Choosing your pet is a huge choice. If you have chosen to communicate your home and your life (and that of your family) with a Maltese, it is because you were looking for an affectionate and capable dog, as well as an animal of small dimensions.

→The Maltese is a home dog, which does not require the outside to feel happy. His house is his kingdom and he will seek to be as close as possible to the person he has as a reference. If you have youngsters, he is the ideal playmate.

avoid little dog syndrome maltese dog dressed

What is ‘small dog syndrome’

Maltese Dogs

But this very docile and affectionate dog can develop behavioral problems, which is why it has been called the “small dog syndrome.” That is, when we pamper our pet so much that the dog is convinced that he is the head of the pack, that is, of the family of humans with whom he lives. If this happens, the dog begins to exhibit some aggression when he feels challenged in the role of his boss.

This disorder is common in Maltese, because they are small and their character is so charming that it is difficult not to give in to their whims. His stuffed-dog facade makes us lower our guard and let him rest in our bed, offer him food while we eat, and allow him other cravings that we would deny dogs of other sizes as a precaution against greater evils.

But when puppies are given the free rein to act like a human, they may stop assuming their natural position. That is, they stop considering themselves the last member of the family, to believe themselves the first.

The reactions of this reduced dog disorder are very different, from growling to biting when treated below his expectations as a leader: if he is reprimanded, prohibited from lying on our bed or ordered to follow rules that question his position.

How to correct the actions of your little pet

Maltese Dogs

To remove this action from our bichon we must carry out the reverse work, that is: lower his status and make him see that the rest of the family members are above him, including the guests at our house.

This development of re-education lies in not accepting that he jumps on top of humans, that he barks at guests or that he breaks the rules that we impose on him. Although surely, if we come to this circumstance, it is because we have discarded the rules and the dog feels free to claim to rest where it wants and to eat the food that we find ourselves eating.

↪Therefore, it is essential not to compromise on issues that we believe to be simple and to have them very visible. If we think that the dog should not rest on our bed, we should never allow it because when we accept it, even exceptionally, the dog will consider that it can do so whenever it wishes, and dogs do not pay attention to exceptions, but to facts. accomplished.

To train the Maltese dog, it must be taught with prizes (candy), but never with physical punishment. When we want to reprimand him, we must use the voice, because they are sensitive enough to firm tones and easily understand his meaning.

If his barking increases and he also bites humans and you think that you will not be able to change this behavior, do not hesitate to seek assistance from a veterinarian or a dog training professional. With pets, it is preferable not to waste time and the sooner you address the problem, the more options you will have to solve it.

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