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6 Reasons why a Maltese can cry

sadness in the Maltese dog Absolutely no one in this life likes to hear a Maltese cry. When you hear your dog or even the neighbor’s dog crying, your heart breaks, you feel worried and frustrated that you don’t know what’s wrong with him.

It is quite common for people to try to equate our experiences with that of dogs, this is not true. Dogs do not secrete tears when they are sad, nor do they lament or cry like people. That is why knowing why a dog cries can be quite difficult if you do not know the reasons.

In order for you to learn more about canine language, in the article we will show you the main reasons why dogs cry and how to solve it.


Maltese dogs

Just like when a dog barks, dogs cry and whimper when they are trying to communicate. A dog cries for different reasons: Excitement, anxiety, frustration, pain, getting attention or especially to ask for resources.

Generally, when a Maltese dog cries it is because he wants to communicate his desire for water, food, going outside, bathing, a toy, etc… This is the same as when a puppy cries a lot to his mother to ask for something. So it is not surprising that adult dogs carry out this procedure to ask their owner for something.

What are the reasons why dogs cry?

Maltese dogs

It usually happens that when a dog cries a lot, it is because he is poorly trained or badly used to it, and the job is sometimes quite difficult since the Maltese dog must be taught not to cry for no reason. Training a Maltese is usually complicated, but with time and patience, everything can be achieved.

1 Dogs cry out of anxiety and fear.

Anxiety or fear is one of the main reasons that can cause your Maltese dog to cry all afternoon when he is alone at home. This can become a real problem for the neighbors and also for you, so you must act quickly.

Dogs cry out of anxiety or fear for different reasons:

  • -Separation anxiety
  • -The noises of the street.
  • -Going to the vet.
  • -Staying home alone, etc.
  • -To avoid this, it is very important to give your dog a walk down the street, exercise is the key to reduce anxiety and avoid the puppy’s restless crying.

Leaving the radio on is a strategy that many owners use so that the dog does not feel alone thanks to hearing voices, the truth is that he works quite well, but it is not the only thing that can be done. In addition to this, it is important that the dog has toys at its disposal so that it is entertained and in this way you will avoid getting bored.

They cry out of emotion.

Maltese dogs

One of the easiest reasons to recognize is when they are excited. In the same way as us, dogs sometimes shake their entire bodies and start crying when they see someone they love. They cannot control themselves, feel happiness and sob with joy.

You can help avoid this by doing self-control and canine behavior work.

Cries Over The Fact That He Misses His Mother And Siblings

Maltese dogs

One of the main reasons puppies cry is because they miss their new home and miss their mother and siblings. All the smells are new, scary sounds, strange people and also the bed is new, all these factors and many others, make a puppy cry a lot.

The first days of the puppy in the new home are the most difficult. To avoid the crying of the puppy and speed up the adaptation process of your puppy, I invite you to follow these tips:

Throughout the first days you should not harass the puppy with your caresses and kisses, this can make the adaptation process longer.
Put the puppy’s bed in a large and quiet place. You can put a blanket to shelter him and some hot water bottles the first nights, so that he remembers the warmth of his brothers.

There are many people who use a wind-up watch or that marks the seconds, this can calm the crying of the puppy as long as the “tick tock” emits the sound of the mother’s heartbeat.
With these tips you will prevent your Maltese from crying all night and help him rest properly until he adapts.

They cry to get our attention.

Maltese dogs

A dog may cry to get our attention. Some dog owners know that dogs can be emotionally manipulative just like humans.

This usually occurs in dogs that are overly pampered and over-loved. Dogs are very intelligent animals, if the dog knows that when he cries he gets what he wants, he will do it every time he wants something. They can also cry when they have an appetite, play, go outside, etc.

To prevent a dog from crying you must:

Ignore his cries and pay attention to him when he’s around. acible.
Design a schedule of rules and habits from the moment the first days you get home. A rigorous schedule to eat, play, go outside and sleep.
If you accustom a dog from the first moment to having some obligations and rules, you will avoid possible behavior problems and crying.

Cries because he is sick or feels bad

Maltese dogs

If your dog won’t stop crying or you’ve never heard him cry, it’s important that you examine him to make sure he’s okay. Take a look at his legs and body, looking at the area, if your dog growls at you or yells loudly, then he is probably injured, in this case it is best to take him to the vet.

In the same way, if you are not sure why he cries or does not want to eat, it is advisable that you consult a specialist.

Dogs cry because they are hungry

Dogs also cry when they are hungry or thirsty. As you have read before, dogs cry to get our attention and that is why they resort to crying. This should never happen if you have your dog on a feeding schedule and give him the correct amount of food and water.

If you keep in mind the reasons that I have cited in this article, they will help you to detect the possible problems that may appear in your bichon dog and to solve them.

You should know that all dogs require an adaptation period of one or a couple of weeks. If you establish some schedules and rules from the time the dog arrives home, you will avoid possible problems.

⇒ *As we always advise, consult a trusted veterinarian.



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