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4 Tricks to avoid dizziness of Maltese Bichons in the Car


Maltese dogs get car sick, just like people, plus puppies. But dog dizziness is more common among puppies, since his ears are still immature and protect them from this discomfort worse. But why do Maltese puppies get dizzy when they travel? What are the symptoms? And what tricks prevent dizziness?

Why do dogs get car sick?

Maltese dogs

Dogs get seasick in tourism as much as people. Not being used to traveling, eating immediately before going out or not being calm and relaxed are more than enough reasons. However, “canine travel sickness is even more common among Maltese puppies,” explains veterinarian Kathy Diamond of the VIN professional veterinary information network.

The reason is that the ears of puppies, like that of small humans, have not yet finished developing. For this reason, they are also less effective when it comes to maintaining a sense of balance.

How are the dizziness of the Maltese bichon?

Maltese dogs

Maltese dogs don’t talk, so they can’t tell if they’re dizzy. And, in addition to this, they are experts in hiding their pain. However, there are a number of telltale signs if you feel nauseous and want to vomit.

Symptoms of dizziness include inactivity, listlessness, anxiety and overwhelm, repeated yawning, excessive panting, and drooling, like vomiting.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks to manage motion sickness during car trips: from accommodating the vehicle for your needs, to using anti-motion sickness drugs.

Trick 1. Maltese dogs comfortable with the vehicle

Maltese dogs

“Dogs that get dizzy are usually unaccustomed to travel,” says veterinarian Ana Beck. Tourism is a strange space for these animals. For this reason it is so essential to try to familiarize the Maltese with the vehicle little by little before leaving.

The trick is to get him to associate the trip with a positive experience. “We can put his favorite quilt and toys in the travel carrier, or in the rear area if the dog is large. In this way, the vehicle will be a more pleasant space for him.”

Another tip is to invite your four-legged friend to get into the vehicle a few times and sniff it and also calmly inspect it. He can also take short tours, if he has already gotten used to the vehicle.

Trick 2. Offer a relaxed trip


Traveling relaxed is important for the bichon. That’s why it’s so important to walk and play for a long time before setting out on the trip, as well as to be calm once you get into the car. If the Maltese gets nervous, and we respond with yelling or an impatient tone of voice, our dog’s anxiety will increase.” For this reason, staying calm, lowering the volume of the radio and trying to ignore the howls of the animal, in case it gets stressed, are keys against the dizziness of the Maltese bichon.

In addition to this, stopping every 2 hours and taking the little one out to play -carefully and on a leash-, opening the windows a bit and trying to make the Maltese look ahead are other small tips that also reduce dizziness.

Trick 3. When to eat?

Abundant food is not a good travel companion for dogs in general, and even less so if they tend to get dizzy. For this reason, experts recommend that before embarking on a long car trip with the animal, it should maintain a short fast. “Ideally, you should not eat for 2 to 3 hours before making the trip, in this way at least we will prevent the Maltese from returning.”

Tricks 4. Medications against motion sickness in Maltese dogs


Veterinarians advise not to use anti-dizziness medications for our dogs, unless they are necessary. The reason is that Maltese dogs can get used to these drugs and even create a certain dependency.

It is convenient that, before traveling, you attend the veterinarian’s office and consult him about this inconvenience. Only in this way will the veterinarian be able to prescribe the most suitable anti-dizziness drug for the animal. There are three types: so that the Maltese does not return, against the dog’s stress and, finally, those that make the animal fall asleep during the trip.



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