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10 Ways to Make Your Maltese Happy

Have you ever wondered how you can make your Maltese happy? How do you usually feed it? Do you let him smell everything within his reach? And regular walks, are they usually part of your routine? We are going to know 10 ways to make your Maltese dog happy.

Try to keep it clean and brushed

Maltese dogs

Dogs like to feel clean and cared for. That’s why regular brushing not only makes your pet look pretty, but also helps prevent certain skin diseases. In addition, that moment is essential for both the Maltese dog and the owner, as it helps to strengthen the bond between the two. You will surely enjoy the interaction that can be achieved with your little friend.
Keep their ears clean to avoid mites or infections. Brush his teeth regularly and bathe him at least once a month.

Cut his nails

Maltese Dogs Health

On the other hand, pay attention to your dog’s nails. When they are too long, your pet could be seriously harmed. Ask your vet for the best trimming tricks.

Choose a suitable diet : Nutrition is also very important. To do this, choose a high-quality food that promotes the health and well-being of your Maltese dog. And do not forget that it must be adjusted to the age of your pet. Do not allow your puppy to eat adult food.

Keep your trough with fresh water. A bowl of fresh water is vital to your pet’s good health. So you should always hold your plate full of water. Avoid fleas. These pesky bugs can make your pooch really upset. Apart from the fact that they cause allergies and transmit diseases.

Pay attention to your health


Spaying or neutering are a good option to preserve the health of your dog. They lead longer and healthier lives and on top of this you avoid animal overpopulation.
Your Maltese puppy must be thin. Don’t give him leftover food and stick to his regular exercise routine.
Try to distance any toxic element from its reach and do not medicate your dog with remedies that are usually prescribed to humans.

Play with your dog

Maltese Dogs

Each and every day play with your canine. Carry out a game dynamic. You will be surprised how it can change your mood and, of course, also that of your Maltese dog. It also complies with daily walks. It is very important that you do. Your canine needs to spend all the accumulated energy and what better than to do it on a journey.

If you have the possibility too, you can take your Maltese dog on a trip with you. To the countryside, beach or perhaps a forest far from the city, it can be a good option for your pet to change air. Take a look at your little friend’s toys. Are they safe and durable? A lot of attention with the small parts. They could be swallowed or have sharp edges.

Let him explore his sense of smell

Dogs love to sniff everything around them. Through smell, they discover their mediate universe. Take your dog to a park, an open field, or his favorite trail and let him sniff out all the new scents. You can combine that activity with some game. Have you tried going out into the garden and playing with a rubber ball? And what if you try a frisbee?

Try to chew : When dogs chew they reduce their burden. In addition to this, it helps to reduce their barking. Provide your Maltese with chew toys that are safe and allow his instincts to be satisfied.

Try to understand their language

Maltese Dogs

Low tail? This can represent fear or anxiety. Moving the tail? bliss, obviously! Observe your canine’s body language so that you can be more attentive to its needs.

Make your Bichon happy, pampering and more pampering : Hug your dog. Pampering is very necessary for dogs and for humans. Improve the interaction with your pet and try to make him feel that he is the most important person in the house.

Keep it safe It’s not a no-brainer. Millions of dogs are lost every year. Make sure your Maltese is not one of them. Determine the best identification option for your friend, whether it’s a neck tag, microchip, or tattoo. And of course, make sure you comply with the local laws in your area.



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